Why I don’t always write book reviews

As an aspiring author, book reviews are important for me and every author in order to sell books and to reach my primary goal of becoming a best-selling author. In order to do so, I am obliged to read and review books written by other authors. That’s just how it’s done.

But, I don’t particularly like to read, but in order to improve my writing skills and be fair to other authors, I must read and write the reviews. I wasn’t very good writing book reviews in school so many years ago, and I don’t think I have improved upon this skill over the past several decades.

I read Emerson and Thoreau so many years ago, and today would not give them a great rating. I did love Tom Sawyer but that is about it, when I was very young. I also liked Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe, but few others during my college days, though I read too numerous other famous authors to name.

A few years back, I read War and Peace and thoroughly enjoyed this book though it was difficult to read. It was hard to keep up with all the characters. Would I give it a five star rating? No. Probably four stars due to the difficulty in reading the book. So where do I stand on the writing of others now? I will not write a review about a book if I cannot give four or five stars. I cannot bash an author simply because my taste is different. I consider myself very unique and what I like to read probably fits into a much smaller box than your average reader.

My girlfriend, Ellen, reads constantly. She reads historical novels and loves them. Me? I don’t seem to be particularly interested in this genre, but it doesn’t mean the authors have written bad books because apparently there are a lot of people who love this type of book.

Ellen also watches Criminal Minds and The Chase on TV. Me, I watch Gold Rush and Survivor. We have different tastes in books, food, television shows and other things. Just because one of us doesn’t like something, it does not mean someone else will not like it. There are also many things that we both like, like traveling, home grown food and nature.

I do not put a lot into ratings anyway, except I need them for my book. Ellen buys most of what she buys based on ratings. Like I said, I’m rather unique. I need ratings simply because so many others do buy according to ratings.

I will read most any book these days because I am still trying to find books I like. I don’t think it’s about the genre, but in the detail. A couple reviews of my book Into Autumn were not great, but by a large margin people loved my book. It had a lot of detail and was a long drawn out story and this seems to be what some did not like about it. I think this is also the reason most others really liked the book. It had a lot of meat to it.

I am finding out that some of the books I have read have not had a lot of meat to them and the story, what little story there seemed to be, lacked detail. I could not get into the characters with few exceptions. When there were exceptions though, the book got four or five stars from me.

Some may not like the way I read and write, but if you want a good story with a lot of meat to it and well developed characters, then I’ve got the book for you. My book contains a lot of subtle things many people may not even pick up on because they want to get the story along. Into Autumn is a long read. Take the time to get into all of it. That is how I read. I want to get all of the story and get into the characters. If you give me something to get into, then you will get a good rating. It’s as simple as that.

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