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Into Autumn: A novel 
by Larry Landgraf

Richard Seaman‘s review

Mar 21, 16
It was amazing
Read from February 18 to March 03, 2016

As a storyteller and author of THE BLOCK, I find kinship with Larry Landgraf and his sober look into a near future that no one wants to see, but may have to bear. INTO AUTUMN, Mr. Langraf’s novel, is a both a harsh look at morality from the survivalist’s eye; and a simple story of the kind of love that can still be found between a man and woman in the autumn of their lives. I had difficulty with the moral side of things. That’s a credit to Mr. Langraf’s writing style. Everyone should be uncomfortable when the dictates of survival cross that line. The story of the survival of Lars, Eileen, Buster, and their small group of friends is told with fondness, compassion, honesty, and rigor. As a reader I was pulled in and couldn’t let go. I highly recommend this read.