You just never know…a fishing story!

On Sunday May 29, 2016 Ellen and I made a fishing trip upstream from the house. Since the river was up, I decided there had to be fish moving up to the spawning areas. We stopped at several locations which looked good and got a few bites but no fish. Finally, further up Ellen caught a nice catfish. I continued to get a few bites, but could not catch anything.

We were using shrimp for bait, and I was certain there would be fish to be caught, but still Ellen had caught the only one. It was a nice catch, but I thought there should be more. Then, I spilled my red soda on the boat seat and onto my baited hook. No big deal, and I cast my line back out. Quickly, I caught a nice fish. Hmm, I thought. I re-baited my hook, and this time I dipped my shrimp into the red soda which was still in a puddle on the boat seat. I immediately caught a second fish, and repeated the process and caught a third. They must be liking the red soda, I thought.

I repeated the process for a fourth time, but this time there was not a fish to be caught. I must have caught the last of them, as if there had been another, it would have certainly have bitten the shrimp laced with red soda. We decided to call it a day and went home with our catch. I caught the three on shrimp with red soda and Ellen caught two. She actually caught a third, but it was on the small side and was released to grow up a bit and catch another day.

I am reasonably certain that the red soda had nothing to do with me catching the three fish, but you just never know. The next time I’m not catching anything, maybe I’ll just add a little red soda to the bait.