Free Copies

Into Autumn FREE!

All you need to do is read one of my stories from “Tales from the Riverside” and comment on the story. Then go to Twitter and Direct Message me @riverrmann  to leave your name and mailing address. An alternative is to email me at: with your information.

There are no other catches. I will personally autograph a copy for you and mail it to your address at my cost. You pay nothing.

I would like a review of the book if you so choose, but it is not a requirement. I will not harass you in any shape, fashion, or form because of you giving me your mailing address or other information. I may thank you, but that is all.

Happy reading,

Larry Landgraf

P.S. I think I have a good, thought-provoking book well-worth reading as do many others. There are a dozen small errors scattered around, but the story is the same. A second edition will be out very soon to correct the errors which is the reason for the giveaway. A few people have not liked the graphic sex, but have stated they read past the few sexy parts because they really liked the story. It’s rated R by me. It is not a story for children.