My Peaceful Valley; Change is Coming

Life is about change—some are good; others not. But one thing is certain, nothing lasts forever. There will be change soon because life in the valley has been very quiet and peaceful. But whatever happens, I will always love my little valley.

It is springtime and the garden is growing well, there have been plenty of fish to catch, and the weather is very pleasant. Temperatures in the swamp have been 60’s for lows and middle 70’s for highs. What more could anyone ask for? This will change though.

A couple turkey wandered through the yard yesterday. They were mature females and didn’t stay around long, but they were nice to see. The ducks and geese will be gone soon and I’ll miss hearing and seeing them. A couple wild ducks have been feeding in the pond next to the house and a mallard I raised a couple years ago has been hanging around the past few weeks. He visits several times a year. I wonder if he’ll migrate north this year. He stays gone for months at a time, but shows up for a visit. He likes the corn I feed him for a change of pace.

I’d like to share a few photos I took today, as I am always snapping a picture or two around the place about how fast things change around here. The first is a Texas Evening Primrose. The second is a photo of the new peaches which are growing well this year. Lastly, is a photo of my garden.

The potatoes are doing well and the corn is coming along nicely. Beets and beans are getting started along with some winter carrots. The peanuts are just coming up and I have cantaloupe started in small pots which will be planted out into the garden soon. This will be the bulk of what I grow this year. Ellen grows her stuff in her separate garden. These include tomatoes, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and herbs.

Before you go, take a look at my books: Larry Landgraf’s books on Amazon Have a great day and I hope you enjoy the photos!