A Hard Lesson: My Review of “The Convict and the Rose” by Jan Sikes

The Convict and the Rose is a simple and straightforward story of everlasting love which is so rare these days. The problem is that he is in prison.

Darlina and Luke fall in love way back in the sixties when they are very young. They are wild and carefree—living life as they should—but maybe a little more dependent upon drugs and alcohol than is wise. Luke finds trouble, or it finds him, which lands him in prison with concurrent sentences that could keep him incarcerated for the rest of his life.

He is a wild animal in a cage and wild animals don’t do well locked up, but what happens in prison, and out with Darlina, is what makes this story so special. What is it? I’m not going to tell you. You have to read the story yourself. But I’ll tell you this, the story is well worth the read.

The Convict and the Rose is also quite the eye-opener about the prison system and makes this a good read for young adults. It just might keep a few young and naïve kids out of trouble.

There are a few hardly noticeable errors, but they in no way deter from the quality of the story. I give this book an easy five stars despite the typos.

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