Another Review

Into Autumn

Larry Landgraf


ISBN: 9781514410400

Reviewed By Britney Chase

Official Apex Reviews Rating: 4 stars

Imagine: no Internet…no TV…no power…no water. In the face of such egregious circumstances, one would also imagine there being no hope. Add to the mix widespread rioting, killing, and unchecked chaos, combined with pervasive gun violence – and what other fate could await mankind but total destruction?

Such is the world the characters in Into Autumn suddenly find themselves thrust into. With the U.S. government shut down, the economy tanked, and the grid completely offline, it’s up to the hapless citizens of this once great nation to fend for themselves. With every option available seemingly leading to disaster, is long-term survival possible?

Author Larry Landgraf has done a commendable job of crafting quite the compelling page-turner in Into Autumn. For years, speculation has persisted of the supposed coming “end times”, in which the various technological advances and luxuries we currently enjoy will be obliterated, forcing all of humanity into desperate survival mode. In Into Autumn, Landgraf presents a chilling account of just how that time will play out, complete with true-life characters in gravely realistic scenarios sure to make some readers squeamish. With a cliffhanger ending that begs a follow-up volume, Into Autumn is an enjoyable – if not disturbing – literary treat. A recommended read.